Angela_ViehmayerAngela Viehmayer Gaudencio is Brazilian and lives in Rio de Janeiro. She was a volunteer researcher for Teachers Without Borders in 2002 and became their Brazilian representative for the Certificate of Teaching Mastery program in 2004. Angela received a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in 2005 from Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro (the State University of Rio de Janeiro), where her research was about the relationship between basic and practical skills and income generation within the informal labor market. This led her to co-founding Link Social, a Brazilian non-governmental organization that aims to help Brazilian communities transform themselves.

Angela has has worked for the State of Rio de Janeiro Government, where she negotiated development projects. She has negotiated and coordinated south-south cooperation projects for the Brazilian Cooperation Agency and UNDP, as well as served as a contract specialist and Project Officer for the Brazilian Foreign Assistance Agency, specializing in South-South technical cooperation. Angela currently work as a freelance virtual assistant and translator.

At CEN, Angela played a key role in developing the educational methodology behind our cCLEAR Proof of Concept Project, which tested the our PRATICAR Learning Approach. Angela served on CEN's board member in 2008-9 and rejoined the board in 2015, where she now serves as Vice President.

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