barbara-anne_benstedOver the last 20 years, Barbara-Anne has held a number of senior management roles that have enabled her to establish and manage IT programs for mining and energy organizations in Australia, the USA, Southern Africa, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. She was a program director for the Queensland (Australia) Government. Barbara-Anne's experiences have enabled her to gain a unique perspective on what technologies and assistance programs are appropriate to enable improvements in communities across a wide spectrum of traditions, customs and religious practices.

When asked about her vision for CEN, she responds:

"I believe everyone deserves the opportunity to improve and progress their personal and professional circumstances. However, to achieve that objective, I believe all aid and assistance programs:

  • Need to encourage and promote self-reliance and confidence in participants
  • Need to ensure the technologies and opportunities are appropriate for the geographic region and cultural background of the participants
  • Need to have a personal connection to all participants: Donors, participants, carers and teachers all need to be able to identify with the aims and objectives of the program
  • Need to demonstrate good governance and financial management practices to ensure all participants have faith and confidence in the participants administering the program"

Barbara-Anne joins CEN from Australia.

Barbara-Anne's resume (76 KB .pdf)

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