expensebyclass2009CEN's income during 2009 was $30,599 and our total expenses were $31,307, resulting in a shortfall made up by a zero-interest loan from our President. We succeeded in increasing our income by 68% growth over 2008. We are fortunate to receive a large percentage of our income from individuals who believe in what we do. This continues to be critical support for the pursuit of our mission. The majority of our income in 2008 was from fundraising events, individual and business contributions, and donations from the Board, including a sizable in kind donation from our President. During 2009 we were successful in keeping the share of administrative and fundraising expenses close to or within limits that are generally considered good stewardship (less than 20% fundraising and less than 10% administrative) for an international non-profit. 69% of our expenditures were program related. We expect to maintain or exceed these target percentages during 2010.

Our budgeted income for 2010 of just under $25,000 is forecasted to exceed expenses of just over $19,000. Expenses in 2010 are expected to be considerably less than last year due to the completion of our cCLEAR proof of concept program late last year. This will allow us to retire a portion of the debt incurred from past years, and put us in a healthier position as we position ourselves to ramp up project work in 2011. Individual contributions will remain crucial to funding our work; however during 2010 we will attempt to diversify our funding sources to include increased income from corporate sponsorships and the sale of products from the communities we serve, such as Couro Ecologico, and eco-tourism and corporate sponsorships. We do not expect to see grant money until 2011 due to a long delay between writing proposals and receiving the revenue; however we plan an aggressive campaign this year to assure project funding for next year.

Lisa Hall, CEN Treasurer