Couro Ecológico was founded in 1997 by residents of the tiny community of Maguary located in the Tapajós National Forest in Brazil. The enterprise functions as an association owned by the workers and has grown to employ over 15 men and women in an area with extremely few employment and economic options.

CEN recognizes the potential and importance of Couro Ecológico and has sold a limited number of products over the past few years to generate additional sales for the worker-owner association. These efforts have been thwarted by a lack of a clearly defined product line and an ineffective process for retailers to communicate their preferences.

Our initial goals to identify a product line for the US market and develop a standardized system for identifying each model within the product line have been accomplished. CEN is now focusing on:

  • Finalizing a brochure and website for the US market for Couro Ecológico
  • Facilitating a limited number of orders from US-based retailers
  • Updating our online store to reflect these changes
  • Adding the availability of complementary products, such as sandals and another line of purses from the workshop Arimar Feitosa started when he left Couro Ecológico 

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