Empower communities through sustainable community-based tourism


CEN's tours offer authentic, life-changing experiences, and the opportunity to learn about cultures and explore locations that are difficult to arrange by yourself.

You will discover flora and fauna unique to the Amazon, relax at beautiful river beaches, and adventure through the Amazon with guides from the local communities.

We operate tours on our own and through partnerships with other non-governmental organizations that support community-based tourism programs around the world.

CEN Tours adheres to strict principles assuring low cultural and environmental impact, while promoting the host communities' efforts to build sustainable livelihoods which protect their local environment and traditions. Read more



Tapajós River Communities and Forest Discovery: CEN Founder-led Tour

9 days

Led by CEN's Director, Bob Bortner, the Tapajós River Communities and Forest Discovery Tour offers visitors the chance to experience the unique lifestyle of the caboclo people who live in the forest along the Tapajós River in the Brazilian Amazon, all while helping residents build self-reliance and a sustainable future for their families and communities.



Experience the Pristine Amazon in Xixuaú-Xiparinã

Minimum 7 days

Experience the Amazon as though you were living in a nature film. See amazing wildlife and vegetation, be surrounded by the sounds and smells of the forest, and row and hike among an unspoiled corner of the amazing jungle.