CEN eliminates poverty and breaks the cycle of dependency in the Brazilian Amazon by empowering individuals and their communities. Our goal is to help communities achieve their own objectives and to sustain these gains over time by:

Raising residents’ awareness that they can resolve the problems they face
Through our successful PRATICAR methodology, we strengthen residents’ basic skills and enable a can-do outlook that breaks the cycle of dependency and forms vital building blocks for creating self-reliance. Read More... 

Building skills
We provide individual and group training and mentor local microbusinesses. This helps strengthen business, entrepreneurial and vocation-related skills and improves information literacy. Read More...  

Reducing systemic obstacles
We help reduce barriers to development that are too large for individuals or single communities to overcome on their own. Examples of systemic obstacles include a poor education system, a poor health system, inadequate transportation, a lack of access to electricity, and many more. Read More...

Bringing everything together
A systematic approach best meets the specific and unique needs of the communities we help. Our development approach is self-sustaining, self-managed and locally focused. Read More...

We accomplish each of these goals through collaborative partnerships with other nongovernmental organizations, government agencies, the communities involved, and the private sector, where each party brings their unique skills, experience, resources and knowledge to the project. Also, whenever possible, we team up with local organizations that have firsthand experience working in the region, rather than build up a large staff of our own.



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Building markets for the communities we serve

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