Position Summary:

We are looking for individuals to transcribe and/or translate a variety of items for us. Most transcriptions we need will be in Portuguese, in most cases of individuals from rural areas where we work, speaking with an accent from Para. In some cases we won’t need full transcriptions, but rather an outline with notes (into English). Most translations will be from Portuguese into English.

Most of the interviews with residents from the isolated communities in the Brazilian Amazon (near Santarém) where we work. Translation projects include translating sections of the detailed community vision for community development based on community-based tourism, as well as an evaluation we’ve prepared about a local micro-credit program. Material will be used as important source material for our programs, as well as in a variety of marketing materials.

Duties and Responsibilities
For Transcriptions:
  • Listen to electronic files with recordings of interviews that vary in length between 20 and 100 min; and transcribe what is said. It doesn't have to be absolutely exact. For more details about this, view the FAQ.
For Translations:
  • Translate sections of the Community Action Plan, and potentially other documents, as needed, from Portuguese into English.
  • We've broken the large "Community Action Plan" into sections, so the task isn't so daunting.
KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) Needed
For Transcriptions:
  • Native understanding of Portuguese
  • Ideally familiarity with northern Brazilian dialect
  • Ability to access files using FTP
  • Reliable
  • English knowledge is not required
For Translations
  • Strong understanding of Portuguese
  • Excellent written English skills
  • Reliable

You must be able to commit to a minimum average of 8 hours a month. This is a "virtual" team opportunity which may be performed from home or another location.

Community Empowerment Network's (CEN) operations are nearly entirely driven by the efforts of volunteers (the only exception is our Field Manager in Santarém, Brazil, who is paid under contract). We are a small organization and so lines of responsibility sometimes overlap, but this provides a terrific opportunity for volunteers to take on a variety of responsibilities and to expand their skills. How Our Teams Work.

If you are interested, please send your resume and cover note to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..