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Price-Tapajos Discovery $1999ppAccompany CEN's founder and director, Bob Bortner, in a unique opportunity to witness the sights and sounds of the Amazon, get to know a unique culture, and experience convívio by interacting firsthand with the local people. Through your visit, you will promote and support communities' efforts to take ownership of their economic, socially and environmentally sustainable future.


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CEN's Tapajós River Communities and Forest Discovery tour allows visitors the chance to experience a unique lifestyle, while helping to build self-reliance in the communities.

Eixo_Forte_Tour-generalWe invite you to accompany CEN's founder and director, Bob Bortner, in a unique opportunity to travel to the Amazon and experience firsthand the people and culture of the Brazilian Amazon. The Tapajós River Communities and Forest Discovery tour gives visitors a chance to venture into the remote areas of the Amazon where our program is based, in order to more directly support local communities' efforts to create sustainable economic opportunities. Visitors will also indulge in hikes and canoeing through the lush forests, enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and become acquainted with the communities and their inhabitants. If you love traveling off the beaten path, immersing yourself in other cultures, and giving back to local communities while on vacation, then this is the perfect trip for you!

jefffabrequoteThis trip provides visitors an opportunity to visit the lovely caboclo riverside communities of Maguary, Jamaraquá and the Eixo Forte. Here you will interact in a deep and meaningful way with their people, and directly support their efforts to create sustainable economic opportunities as they learn to become more self-reliant and end the cycle of poverty. This trip will benefit the communities you visit and also be a personal, life-changing experience.

You will witness the caboclo people’s everyday life firsthand. The pace of life in these tiny communities is still much the way it was 100 years ago: defined by harmony with nature and their surroundings. This trip provides the opportunity for you to interact and share with residents and their families informally. You will share a lasting contribution to their community by supporting their initiatives and by mutually sharing perceptions, thoughts and experiences. You will return home with an informed view of another way of life and inspiring insights and memories that will last a lifetime.



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