Natural Rubber Varsity Striped Crossbody Bag

$ 65.00

Bring with you the unique colors of the Amazon with this Couro Ecológico (natural rubber) varsity striped, zippered bag. Each bag is inlaid with a cross-stitch applique strips design on its flap that will match with any outfit.


  • Made with sustainably harvested, natural rubber and cotton
  • Water-resistant and durable
  • Zippered main compartment and side pocket
  • Color: castanha brown body with multicolored flap


  • 12.5' W x 11.5' H
  • Strap length: 21.5'

The entire Couro Ecológico collection is handcrafted from sustainably harvested rubber by artisans in the tiny Brazilian Amazon community of Maguary. Your purchase helps support their sustainable livelihoods and local economy. The natural rubber has a sweet, fragrant smell and is cool to the touch.

Couro Ecológico Care Instructions

Product Number: PL53/PL54